The CW Pimps Out Stephen Amell In More Shirtless Arrow Posters

When you have someone as hot as Stephen Amell on the network dime, it only makes sense to pimp out your hottest commodity. After all, Amell’s show, Arrow, generated the CW’s biggest audience in almost three years with its 4 million debut. I’m sure a good chunk of those people tuned in based on the shirtless show poster the network used to promote the premiere. I know, I fell victim to the sex sells tactic. Truthfully, the pilot wasn’t half bad and I’ll definitely give it another watch.

To ensure viewers keep tuning it, the network released two brand new promo posters. While one reuses a previous image of Stephen minus the bow & arrow, the other is brand spanking new. If features a crouching Amell with a new tagline, “A Heroic Future Forged By A Tortured Past”. Check out the new artwork below.

Earlier Arrow Posters

Did you watch the pilot episode of Arrow? Are you going to tune in to tonight’s brand new episode? Sound off below.

  • Isabelle

    I love the show and love SA, I’m so there every week.

  • Nathaniel Keifer-Wheals

    Just for him, I’m watching…

  • Meh

    I hope that this brings some attention to Stephen’s younger brother, Robbie, who is just as talented as he is.

  • justin

    i love katie cassidy, i loved her on melrose place and nightmare on elm street remake. her and anna lyn mccord i think that how you spell her name from 90210 make everything good. stephen is cute but the best thing about this show is katie cassidy.

  • Ryan B.

    They film in Vancouver. You guys should totally interview him.

  • bret

    in the sci-fi tv world, i thought nobody could replace my fine ass hottie Mr. Ben Browder from Farscape, but this guy is equally hot.

  • Chino Copuyoc

    Robbie is his cousin I think.