It’s Friday, it’s hot as hell, and every able bodied Dutchie is out in the streets! The Netherlands soccer team just beat Brazil to advance to the semi-finals. I’m shocked. Brazil was one of the favourite teams. Everyone here in Amsterdam I talked to was cheering for the Lions, but figured that Brazil would take it. I went out to the Museumplein where a giant screen and about 10,000 other fans went to watch the game. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It must have been what Canada was like when they won the hockey Gold in the Olympics.

Brazil scored the first goal fairly early in the match, right after another of their goals was called back. This set a pretty sour mood over the crowd up until half time. Once the second half started though, it was ALL Holland. They scored early in the second, to tie it up off a sweet cross from Wesley Sneijder went off Brazil’s Felipe Melo’s head for a sweet equalizer. Then at the 68′ mark, Sneijder scored the go-ahead goal.

Brazil seemed to fall apart after that. Felipe Melo was sent off with a red card after intentionally stomping on a Dutch player’s leg leaving them with 10 players on the field for the rest of the game. Holland didn’t really capitalize on that gain, but didn’t let Brazil back in it either. Brazil is the only country to win on each continent the World Cup has been held in, except for Africa, and they won’t get the chance this year.

Netherlands goes on to play the winner of the Uruguay / Ghana game tonight. Can’t wait to watch the semis.

Check out the awesome crowd reaction from the second goal I got on my iPhone. The whole city is insane right now.