Neil Patrick Harrisis a sexy, funny, and talented man and I’m thrilled to learn that he has a new web series coming out on November 27 called Neil’s Puppet Dreams and it looks effing amazing.

In a revealing exposé of the inner workings of Neil Patrick Harris’ subconscious, the Nerdist Channel presents a gripping behind-the-scenes look at the making and inspiration for Neil’s Puppet Dreams. Bearing a rare disorder that results in Neil dreaming only in puppets, Mr. Patrick Harris and those who know him best tell all in this new sneak peek.

There are SO many familiar faces in this preview below. Neil’s other half, David Burtka is in it, treating the puppets like second class citizens. There’s also Joe Manganiello who is made to feel like a prostitute, famous drag queens like Detox & Willam, former SYTYCD star Kent Boyd, Andrew Christian model, Colby Melvin, Castle star Nathan Fillion, choreographer Spencer Liff and more. Even Brian Henson is involved in the show!

‘Neil’s Puppet Dreams’ – Behind the Scenes