Neil Patrick Harris has just released the fourth episode of his hilarious new web series called Neil’s Puppet Dreams and this one’s called “To Catch A Puppeteer.”

Neil falls asleep in his bed while watching the Dateline special, To Catch A Predator, hosted by Chris Hansen. As you probably know, this is the segment where they set up a sting operation to catch men trying to have sex with children. While asleep, Neil finds himself in a dream where he is the predator in “To Catch A Puppeteer,” a show hosted by puppet Chris Hansen.

Neil is described as one of the sickest puppeteers they’ve ever encountered and in the sting operation, Neil thinks he’s going over to the puppet monkey’s house for cookies and pretend milk. “You have really pretty fur,” Neil tells the puppet. Before the puppet gets “felt up,” puppet Chris Hansen pops up and Neil is busted. “The truth is I just, I really wanna put…put my hand in a puppet.” Then, Neil says that he’d even like to get his hands inside of puppet Chris Hansen himself. You can imagine that Chris Hansen is totally caught off guard by this.

Another hilarious episode. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for next week!

Neil’s Puppet Dreams: ‘To Catch A Puppeteer’