New ‘Neil’s Puppet Dreams’ Episode: ‘Doctor’s Office’ With Nathan Fillion

Another hilarious episode of ‘Neil’s Puppet Dreams‘ has just been released starring Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion (Canadian & star of Castle), and of course various puppet characters. As the episode kicks off, Neil is in the “Doctor’s Office”, fantasizing about Canadians when his new doctor comes in. The doctor mentions that he heard Neil’s last doctor was awful (Neil then gazes into the camera for just a moment, essentially pointing out the joke that they used to be in a show called Dr. Horrible together).

Neil beings to tell the doctor that he dreams in puppets and at that moment, falls asleep and enters his dream world where everyone around him, including his doctor, is a puppet. The first order of business is what’s between Neil’s legs. The puppets are amazed at how big and hairy it is and Neil says that it is only a problem when he drinks to much. He then shows the puppets the tricks he can do with it. LOL.

At one point, one of the puppets says, “It’s getting kind of crowded in there with that giant cock of yours.” Yup, this is that kind of a show. Find out what happens next below.

Neil Patrick Harris & Nathan Fillion in ‘Doctor’s Office

  • bret

    that was frickin’ hilarious.