Sports Stud: Neil Etheridge

This week’s sports stud is an English-Filipino professional footballer (or soccer player) who plays goaltender for Fulham. He also plays for the Philippines on an international level, having made \ his international debut at the 2008 AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers. At only 21 years old, he’s definitely one of the younger sports studs I’ve chosen, but he has definitely put himself out there to be seen as a sex symbol with some pretty revealing underwear modelling campaigns for a brand called “Folded & Hung“.

So if he plays for Fulham and lives in England, why did he decide to play for the Philippines on an international level? Well, at first he had declined because he didn’t know the language or the other players. But eventually he decided to do it. “It took me a long time to decide. Obviously every boy’s dream is to play for England at the highest level. But I thought, why not play for the Philippines? It’s mum’s side of the family as well.” Also, it’s a great opportunity! I think he made the right decision.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of this guy on and off the field in more of his sexy underwear photoshoots. He’s like a young Filipino-English David Beckham. Enjoy the photos below!

Yowza! This is one hot goaltender!

Here he is featured as an eligible bachelor in Cosmopolitan.

Who wears short shorts? LOL.

This guy sure knows how to f*ck with his eyes, don’t you think?

Check out those abs!

Struttin’ his stuff on the field.

I’m guessing he has a shoulder injury here in this photo… but I can’t help but think it looks like the perfect intro to a porn scene.

So here he is with fellow Filipino international footballer Simon Greatwich…looking like they are going to kiss? I’m sure they did this just to make people talk but we like it all the same.

  • i love that you feature hot men from my country, kisses HOMORAZZI

  • Steve-O

    Another reason why he chose to play for the Phillipines team is exposure he’s been signed to Fulham since 2008 and is still on the reserve team and has yet to play a single game in the British league.

  • Paolo

    Azkals Captain Aly Borromeo is hotter, I think :p

  • gogo

    aye papi!!!

  • Ken

    Its nice to see Neil from the Philippines to be featured as this week’s sports stud. 😀

    Hope you can feature Danny Care – one hot rugby player from England.

  • mikefromQC

    Finally Pinoy sports stud! Well there are a plenty but thanks for featuring Neil Etheridge! Hotta hotta!

  • ebony30

    yeah u got that right, great look n body