Ne-Yo Is “Burnin’ Up” With Malibu Red In New Music Video

In this day in age in music, it’s all about the money. Well, not all about the money but it definitely has a lot to do with it. More than ever, you see product placement in your favorite music videos and beyond. Now, artists are even taking it one step further and using their songs in direct conjunction with a product’s release. Swedish House Mafia recently teamed up with Absolut Vodka and now, it’s Ne-Yo’s turn to align himself with a new liquor.

With the help of Malibu Red, a mixture of Caribbean rum and Mexican tequila (YES PLEASE!) Ne-Yo has released a new single/theme song for the brand. The track is titled “Burnin’ Up” and the single is intended to help tell the story behind the drink. In the video, we watch as Ne-Yo is on the hunt for that girl he doesn’t want to get away. But, when he gets too close to a hair flipping blonde, you better believe she steps in to get her man. Check out Ne-Yo’s newest commercial music video below.

Ne-Yo, “Burnin’ Up”

Has Malibu Red peaked your interest? Check out some recipes below:

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