Before getting into my two reviews of my assigned TV shows, I have to talk briefly about what I did last night. Brian and I caught the screening for “the social network” and it was beyond fantastic. You’ll have to wait for my review next week, but definitely mark it on your calenders. Brilliant.


I really, really, really wanted to like this show. J.J. Abrams is my hero and if I were a woman, I’d have his baby. The man is a genius. He’s the man behind amazing TV shows like “Alias“, “Felicity” and “Lost“. His film credits include the successful reboots of “Star Trek” and “Mission: Impossible III“. With an impressive resume like that, why did the show arrive dead on arrival. Was I expecting too much?

Ok let’s start with the positives. The cast is great. Boris Kodjoe is smoking hot as always. Bonus on the gratuitous scene of him shirtless in bed. YUM. New comer Gugu Mbatha-Raw is cute and believable as a spy. And it was great to see Gerald McRaney back on TV. I’ve always liked him since his days on “Designing Women” and “Major Dad“. The segue artwork between city destinations was another thing I like, but that’s it.

I couldn’t believe the genius behind great spy thrillers like “Alias” couldn’t replicate the same drama and suspense with two very capable actors. Not only was the action ho-hum, but the random inserts of comedy were both awkward and worst of all, NOT FUNNY. In the end, I could’ve cared less if they returned safe from their assignment. If you loved “True Lies“, “Mr & Mrs Smith” and “Alias“, you’re going to hate this. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the CW’s “Nikita” is far superior. Never in a million years, would’ve I thought I’d say that when I first saw the network upfronts way back in May.

Series Premiere Grade: C (I’m willing to give it another shot next week due to Abrams previous work)


Detectives Stabler and Benson are back to solve another year of sex crimes. Over the summer, I became addicted to this show. On various TV stations, I could catch at least 3-4 episodes of SVU a day. Sufficed to say, I’ve seen quite a few episodes in a short time frame. When I first saw it was a 2-hour premiere, I was excited to see how the writers could stretch out a mystery for that length of time. Boo-urns, when I tuned in and saw they were just two different episodes airing back-to-back. Shame on you NBC.

The first episode featured film star Joan Cusack (Working Girl) and Henry Ian Cusick (Lost). While I love SUV, the one thing that often irritates me is the “perp” is often given away based on who the guest star is. More often than not, if there is a bigger name in the episode, chances are they’re the bad guy/girl. Now that I’ve watched numerous episodes, I’m a bit jaded and unfairly want the writers to continually out-do themselves.

Having said that, I found myself wondering where they were going with the first episode. I didn’t see that one coming. Joan Cusack was her usual quirky odd self. For Cusick, I had a harder time believing him. To me, he’ll always be Desmond from “Lost”. The second episode was a bit more predictable, but still well done. Hopefully this year, the producers find a more permanent ADA. Last year, they had a rotating line of big names filling in for the spot. Stephanie March (Alex Cabot) is still my favorite ADA of all-time, Sharon Stone (Marlowe) is NOT. Man, she was God awful last year.

Season Premiere Grade: B
Season 12, Episode 2 Grade: B-