NBC Planning A Second Season of “The Sing-Off”


Talk about random news out of nowhere. It’s been three months since the finale aired for NBC’s “The Sing-Off”, but NBC has decided to plan for a second season of the a capella singing competition. Though not officially renewed, NBC’s alternative executive vice president, Paul Telegdy, announced today they are bringing “Sing-Off” back but no date has been confirmed.

Back in December 2009, the show aired in three successive nights with the finale airing a few days later. Though not a huge hit, the show did deliver solid numbers during its mid-December run where repeats run rampant. By airing the competition over such a short time period, NBC was able to test the show in a cost-effective manner.

Though the format was successful, the network is entertaining thoughts of airing the show on a more traditional week-by-week approach. Other changes are said to be considered when the show returns. Hopefully they revise the judging panel. While Boyz II Men judge Shawn and Ben Folds were alright, I found PCD’s Nicole to be disingenuous and offered no solid feedback to the contestants.

The winners of the first season were a group from Puerto Rico called Nota with frat boys The Beelzebubs coming in second. Nota took home a recording contract with Sony and $100,000 cash prize for their hard work. Here’s my favorite performance from Nota during the competition.

American Idol is my favorite show by far, and I even loved Popstars when it aired years ago. But for some reason, I got real bored of “The Sing-Off” after two showings. Maybe I wasn’t fully able to give it my attention due to the holiday rush, but I quickly faded out. Hopefully when it comes back for a second season, the changes make it more engaging and more water-cooler talk friendly.

Did you watch “The Sing-Off”? or was it a poor-man’s American Idol? Discuss below.