National Coming Out Day: Homorazzi Cast Share Their Stories

Today (October 11th) is ‘National Coming Out Day,” internationally observed civil awareness day for coming out and for discussion for those in the LGBT community. Even though the name says national, this day is officially recognized in Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Croatia, Poland, and the United Kingdom (on October 12th in the UK).

Earlier on in our Homorazzi experience, many of us each took the time to share our “coming out” story with you, giving you a little bit of insight as to our own backgrounds and experiences in the hope that you could relate, and for any of you in the closet, you may even be inspired to come out yourself. Each person went through their own journey in coming out. Some early on, some later in life, some went well and some had some bumps along the way. One cast member even came out only to discover that his sister was a lesbian! I’ve also included our cast “It Gets Better” video as well, in case you’ve missed it. Many of our coming out stories are discussed in our video. Stay tuned for more coming out stories from our writers that haven’t shared them yet (Feel free to send them over, guys)!

Happy “National Coming Out Day”! Feel free to check out our coming out experiences below.

Homorazzi Coming Out Stories


I grew up in a small town in Northern, BC. and grew up in a Catholic family. For me, that was what would make it hard to come out and never thought I would be able to do it. What finally prompted me to come out? Read the story to find out. To read my coming out story, click here. To hear his radio interview about coming out and about starting Homorazzi with Donovan, click here.


Donovan came out much later in life and actually only came out officially to his parents after having started Homorazzi with me. Crazy right? You’ll have to read the whole story. To read Donovan’s coming out story, click here.


Dan first face struggles with his sexuality in high school and was worried about how his parents (particularly his father) would react if and when he came out. To read Part 1 of Dan’s coming out story, click here. To read Part 2, click here.


Redd’s coming out story is that he actually never came out. So what does that mean? Well you’ll have to read to find out. To read Redd’s coming out story, click here.


Topher knew he was gay when he was about 10 and remembers a few different key experiences (some drunk) with coming out . To read Topher’s coming out story, click here.


When Jonny came out of the closet, he was completely thrown off to learn that his sister was a lesbian and would be coming out as well! To read Jonny’s coming out story, click here.


Kevin grew up in a mormon family and really struggled with coming out. In his Grade 12 year, it was his father who told him, “Kevin, you’re gay.” What!? You’ll have to read the story to see how this came about and what happened afterwards. To read Kevin’s coming out story, click here.


When Stephen was dating Kevin a few years ago, he struggled with the decision to be open about his sexuality at work or not. To read Stephen’s struggle with deciding whether or not to be out at work, click here.

Homorazzi’s “It Gets Better” Video

  • And if you were deaf dumb and blind in a black room you’d know I was a mo from conception. So That’s my story 🙂

  • nacho

    I wanna do this today and I’m so nervous…

  • You should! It’s the BIGGEST weight off of your shoulders and then you can just be YOU for the rest of your life.

  • Libre

    I also wanted to do this. I almost did it with one of my best friends today, but I am scared to because they are highly religious. I also want to come out to my parents but my mom is a religious fanatic and very manic about it. Think WBC and drop down a couple notches.”God hates the sin not the sinner” kind of thing. I have come out to my sister and she has been awesome about it! I asked her if she thought that mom and dad might disown me and she said “yes probably.” This has kept me from coming out. I am about to listen to each of these stories. Any one have any advice for me?

  • Hi Libre, good for you for telling your sister! Taking baby steps makes it much easier. I was worried about telling my parents as well because I grew up Catholic, but they love me no matter what and are very much a part of my life. It took a while for my mom to come to terms, but she’s excited about me getting married to Tyrell now. She just wants me to be happy.

    So for your situation, do you still live at home? If so, maybe wait until you move out if you feel it might be that tense with your parents. I didn’t come out until I moved away myself and realized I didn’t have to hide who i was when I was on my own. If you’ve already moved away, you should tell them when you’re ready because you will then be able to move on with your life and not lie to them about things anymore. It may take a while, but they’ll come around. You’re their son and they won’t want to lose you.

    Does that help at all? I hope so!

  • Libre

    Thanks Patrick for writing back. Your advice does help. I am currently living with my sister. We are getting along better than when we were younger, that’s for sure. I wish my mom was catholic… She’s pentecostal. They are very strict in that denomination of the christian faith. Speaking in tongues, casting out “demons” (LOL) and other crazy things you wouldn’t even believe. When my mom found out that I drink, she cried… a lot. I hate making anyone cry. I am a people pleaser and I just can’t stand it. So it KILLS me when she does it. I kinda almost feel like in a way, she knows that it kills me and does it in a way to try to still manipulate me with the religion. I am done with religion because of it. How do you come out to your parents when you know it’s going to hurt them greatly and could cause me to be disowned? My dad has already disowned my older sister for other reasons. When I asked my sister if she thought I was going to get disowned if I told them, she didn’t even say oh maybe not. She said. Yes, probably.” My heart fell to the floor. Not even an ounce of hope, even just coming from my sister. She even said. “Hell you don’t even have to come out to them. They don’t need to know.” god I feel so trapped. Sorry I have needed an outlet for this. I don’t know any good places around here for help with the issue, it stresses me out and sometimes I feel like I have no balls for not being able to come out. I want to with all that’s in me, but the fear of being disowned, or hurting my family makes me want to just stay in the closet all my life. UGH.. I have finally read all your stories and I must say that I can relate to some of you. Great job on this story. Most of the time I just check the blog because I love it. This issue has been a thorn in my side..

    I feel like now that I am m

  • Libre

    I have news for you! This last week, I told my best friend I was gay.. She said she has known for years but was waiting for me to come out to her! We are both so happy! Now she has a gay best friend. Wow not how I thought it would turn out but… #WINNING!