Man Crush: Nathan Owens

I was originally going to feature Nathan Owens for my Model Behavior series, but after checking out a few pics, I decided he was worthy of my Man Crush weekly series. Don’t you agree he’s crushworthy? The 6’2″ stud is a self-professed “multi-ethnic mutt”. I’ve always had a thing for mixed guys, and he’s a prime example of why?

It should come as no surprise that Owens is a successful male model. Funny enough, he was discovered while working as a Verizon wireless salesman. He’s currently represented by Major Models and appeared in everything from clothing campaigns for Polo, to sexy commercials for body spray and even appeared on the cover of a couple of popular gay magazines including DNA (Australia) and Tetu (France). Gotta love a boy willing to strip down to the bare essentials for gay men worldwide to gawk at.

To keep his body nice and fit, Nathan likes to go hiking and plays a multitude of sports, most notably basketball. His other hobbies include playing the guitar and singing. Though he doesn’t have a record deal, he’s appeared in a music video. Owens played the love interest in Justin Timberlake’s protegee, Esmee Denter’s debut clip, “Outta Here“. Check out a few of his modeling pics and super sexy commercial below. You’ll thank me for it.

You know that I love a sexy boy in tighty whities. Nathan certainly fits the bill and more importantly those teamm8 briefs.

Love a man who cares about good hygience. Scrub those pits.

How utterly seductive is this pic? You don’t have to ask me twice to come to bed.

Someone that hot shouldn’t have to hug himself. I’d be more than up for the task. Up being the operative word.

His abs certainly pop in black and white.

He looks so superheroic here. I wonder what his special powers are? I’m sure they’re s”pec”tacular.

He looks especially fine in the purple (Homorazzi’s color). Maybe I should ask him to be the face (and body) of our site.

This should be the new business casual for all hotties.

For his DNA Magazine piece, he claims people have made attempts to pull his clothes off in real life. I know I would be tempted to tear them off if I was in the vicinity.

Do you put on your socks before your pants or vice versa? Too bad, he didn’t put his underwear on after his socks. Yummers.

Just hanging out with the Polo boys.

That girl is one lucky mofo? What would you give to straddle him like that and have him cup your butt. Yup, I’m jealous.

I thought I’d end with the same photo I started out with, but the full version. It’s by far my favorite out of the bunch. How sexy is his torso? I could lick that up and down all day long. A little pube peak also never hurts.

Body Heat Cologne Commercial

When this commercial first came out, it was referred to as one of the sexiest ones ever filmed. Check it out and it’d be hard to argue with that. You thought Nathan was hot in these pics. Just watch him in full motion. Scorching hot.

  • Steve-O

    seriously the boy is so wooden in the commerical….and not in a good way.


    who cares if he is wooden … he is DREAMY

  • Oh yes!!

  • So Hot!, Love his versatile look, He looks black in one pic, latino in another, brazilian, Indian. woah geez.

  • Darío

    Me encantaría dejarme follar por este tío.

  • Super hot guy with a nice bod. He’s the kind of dude I want as my best friend. lol