The Nate Berkus Show


Oprah’s gay heartthrob bestie, Nate Berkus is set to get his very own talk show next year, commencing in the fall of 2010. Harpo Productions and Sony Pictures Television are behind the project. Move over Dr. Phil & Rachael Ray, Oprah’s next protege gets his own show!

Since 2001, Jewish/American Interior Designer Nate Berkus has been featured regularly on Big O’s daytime talk show. Aside from his Chicago based design firm called Nate Berkus Associates, he currently has his own satellite radio show on Sirius XM and was also an anchor on the ABC show “Oprah’s Big Give”.


I first saw him on his heartbreaking interview with Oprah discussing losing his partner, photographer Fernando Bengoechea, during one of the biggest disasters of my lifetime, the Tsunami of 2004. The two were vacationing at a resort in Sri Lanka when the tsunami hit. Nate survived, Fernando did not.


After a two year relationship with a TV Producer slash DJ, Nate is currently dating Bally Shoe designer Brian Atwood (shown above), making them one very creative gay couple…which can only mean good things for their sex life.