Oprah Shows Her Digs To Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus is pulling out the big guns for his fledging daytime talk show. The big guns, of course, is the big O herself, Oprah Winfrey. In a special edition of his fan-favorite, “House Proud” segment, Winfrey invites Nate and his viewers to check out her Montecito digs. She’s often refers to her California property as “The Promised Land“. During Nate’s visit, Oprah shows her protégée her most prized possession and the one closest to her heart. They also discuss why being hands-on with design and home décor means so much to her.

To say “The Nate Berkus” show is underperforming would be very polite. Ever since the show debuted in September 2010, it’s delivered anemic ratings. All of Winfrey’s previous spinoffs have ended their freshmen series as the highest-rated new show of their respective years. Til this day Dr. Phil, Rachel Ray and Dr. Oz are still daytime hits. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for Nate Berkus, whose show might not even make it to season two. He’s running a distant second to Nancy Grace’s show for freshman honors which attracts about 2 million a day, as opposed to Nate’s 1.2 million.

Having said that, Oprah and Nate aren’t giving up on the show. Along with Winfrey’s May sweeps appearance, the show is switching up its showrunner. Corin Nelson is replacing Terry Murphy as executive producer of the show. The biggest criticism the show has faced is its unfocused, covering a wide range of topics from celebrity interviews to household tips. Here’s a brief bio on the new EP:

“Nelson is an Emmy-award winning creator, developer and producer of daytime and cable TV shows, having produced Warner Bros.’ The Rosie O’Donnell Show, NBC Universal’s The Megan Mullally Show, E!’s Chelsea Lately, MTV’s It’s On with Alexa Chung, among many others. While she was producing Rosie, the show won the Daytime Emmy for best talk show five times.”

If the personnel change is a case of “too little, too late”, and results in the cancellation of the syndicated show, maybe Oprah will resurrect it on OWN. Personally, I’ve only tuned in to Nate’s show a couple of times and both times, I was bored out of my mind. I really wanted to like it, but found Berkus was unable to hold my attention for a full hour. In small doses on Oprah, he was fantastic and a breath of fresh gay air. On his own, it really highlights his lack of a captivating personality. Looks can only carry you so far, until you have back it up with witty and interesting dialogue. And talking about drapery fabric doesn’t count. Oh well, I’ll still tune in on Tuesday May 3rd to watch Oprah’s appearance and give the show a third chance.

Do you watch “The Nate Berkus Show“? If you were the showrunner, how would you turn the daytime show into a hit? Post your comments and suggestions below.