Nate Berkus Does Next Magazine

Sexy gay designer and talk show host, Nate Berkus is on the front cover of Next Magazine‘s latest “New York’s Gay Guide” issue which comes out this Friday. How stunning does he look on the cover? Wow. In the article he covers all areas that you may be curious about (well, maybe not everything…ahem). On being openly gay on national television, Berkus says, “I’m very free in talking about my sexuality on TV. I want my audience to see people presented in a respectable way, so they can make their own decisions about how they feel.”

Berkus currently lives in New York where he has maintained an apartment for over ten years and loves shopping in the city. “I like to go to the different consignment and retail shops like Fisch for the Hip on 18th Street and Seventh [Avenue],” he explains in the article. Although he loves to shop, he’s not big on going to the gay bar, but would rather entertain. “A gay bar isn’t my thing – I like having people over,” he says. “In Chicago I went to bed at 9:30pm, maybe, and that was a late night and here I have dinner reservations at 9:30. But I love being in New York.” Maybe it’s because in Chicago, Oprah was his chaperone?

Most importantly, how’s his love life? Well, he’s been in a relationship with an architect, having met at a mutual friend’s party. He describes his man as a “Wise, very pragmatic and a creative person as well.” Berkus prefers to keep his name, and their relationship on the D/L. Smart idea.

Check out the full story by clicking here.

  • savannah

    I was very disappointed when I heard Nate was gay, I acctually cried a little because I think he’s adorable and very cute… and I never suspected it! But that doesn’t change how I see him. I am still a fan of the Nate Berkus show, just have to get over it… /: