Nate Berkus Opens Up To Oprah Winfrey About Coming Out, His Failed Show & Much More

The second Nate Berkus made his debut on The Oprah Winfrey Show back in 2002, he became a fan favorite. That probably explains why he appeared on the show more than 50 times. Given his popularity, it was only a matter of time before he scored his own daytime talk show. If you watched any of the episodes during its two-year run, you know it wasn’t very good. While extremely likable in small doses, Nate wasn’t the ideal choice to headline an entire show, five days a week.

The 41-year-old designer reunited with Oprah Winfrey yesterday for her Sunday morning OWN series, Super Soul Sunday. The two chatted about many things including why his daytime talk show failed. Oprah recalls early discussions with Nate regarding his own show and why it probably wasn’t a good idea. In addition to that, Berkus opens up about coming out to his family and his experiences with both his father and step-father with his sexuality. Nate was also there to promote his new book, The Things That Matter. Check out highlights from part one of his interview with Oprah below.

How Nate Berkus Came Out to His Family

Being Gay Is the Way I Was Born

Why Nate Berkus Says His Talk Show Didn’t Work

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Did you watch The Nate Berkus Show? Why do you think it failed? Are you a fan of Nate? Should he try another stab at his own show? Perhaps a weekly one as they touched on during the interview, would be an idea to explore. Sound off below.

  • jd

    I loved that show. Was so said to see it go. I think he would be great doing a weekly show.

  • Chris Lines

    Homorazzi should know better. “Perhaps a weekly one as Oprah and him touched upon in the interview. Sound off below.”

    Oprah and him? Oprah and him?
    Please read Strunk & White Elements of Style. It’s the journalist’s bible.

  • DouggSeven

    @ Chris Lines

    If you can stand to watch the Homorazzi videos, you’ll see exactly how uneducated the staff really is.

  • @Chris Lines. Thanks for pointing out the grammatical error. As mentioned many times, none of us have Masters in English or come from a journalism background. Nor is it any of our full-time jobs.

    Speaking for myself, I try to dish out as many posts as possible within the small time frame I have. Unfortunately, I don’t always have the time to proofread everything as if it was my final thesis. We are a group of friends that had an idea for a side project that developed into something bigger. Please take it for what it is. We have never claimed to anything more than that.

    @DouggSeven. I’m so curious as to why a person who clearly doesn’t have anything nice to say, continues to visit a site they don’t like. Please enlighten us.

  • Doug

    Sorry Donovan I agree with Chris Lines. Ive also pointed out numerous grammar mistakes in your articles. Just because you dont have a masters in English doesnt mean you cant proofread. You dont have time? That is bullshit. Youre a writer on a huge site and when there are grammatical errors it makes you and your site look extremely unprofessional.

  • Doug

    And its not just grammar mistakes either. Sometimes you post info thats completely false! You already copy your articles from others so at least make sure the info is correct!

  • DouggSeven

    Who said I hated the site? I love it!

    Criticism makes you better.

  • Georgio

    Ty: Its like why am I even listening to you to begin with? You’re a virgin who can’t drive…

    Cher: That was way harsh Ty. 🙁

  • mojo

    If you come to a site called Homorazzi in search of journalism instead of vapid dish about the irrelevant Oprah and the mediocrity like Nate Burkus she has spawned, then you might want to broaden your horizons just a bit.

  • Anita Greencard

    I loved the show. I watched it everyday. I don’t understand why the ratings were poor. I look at the trash on TV and it was quality programming.
    Right up there with Ellen, fun, good give aways, and health happy gay show.

  • BamaBelle

    @Doug People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, or “shouldnt” according to you.