ANTM Update: Natalie Gal

Now that the new cycle of “America’s Next Top Model” is upon us (Welcome Back Rich), I’ll be taking a hiatus from updating you on former fan favorites working it out in the real life fashion world. As you all know, I’m currently in Australia, so I’m dedicating this week’s update to everyone’s favorite Russian mail order bride, Natasha Galkina from ANTM’s Cycle 8. On a side note, her former husband was kinda hot considering he was 22-years her senior, don’t you think? He can order me anytime. The bee-stung beauty made it to the overseas trip to Sydney and narrowly lost to Jaslene Gonzalez in the Final 2. BOO.

During her time on the show, Natasha became the underdog that could. She started out weak but then quickly became a force to be reckon with due to their sunny disposition and eagerness to learn. Since the show ended, Natasha has gone through several name changes including Allie M., Natalia Hagler, Nata and Natalie Gal which seems to be the one she’s stuck with. Whatever her name seems to be, she’s done moderately well booking gigs for Pantene, Vivienne Tam, Rock & Republic, Diesel and Wella to name a few. Currently, she’s represented by Beatrice Models, Red Model Management, Ace Models and Muse Models. Check out what Natasha aka Natalie Gal has been up to since placing second on ANTM.

ANTM Elimination Photo

Natasha was definitely one of the most memorable and endearing personalities to ever grace ANTM. Her idea to fashion foil paper into teeth for her hip-hop inspired photo still cracks me up. I definitely was rooting for Natasha to squash Jaslene in the final judging panel. Girlfriend turned it out on the runway Remember when she had a wardrobe malfunction but powered through and kicked the falling skirt to the wayside. FIERCE. That said, I will give credit where credit is due, Jaslene’s CoverGirl picture was a lot better and probably deserved to win. As mentioned before, Natasha is now divorced from her former husband Stuart Hagler. The two had a daughter in 2005.

Hope you’ve enjoyed all my updates on former ANTM contestants. I’ll be back with more when the current cycle ends. Any suggestions on who I should give an ANTM Update on when I return? Post them all below.

  • Her look is very hit and miss. But I she did deserve to win over Jaslene. In the grand scheme of things though, I still think René should have won.

  • Julio

    Luv the updates: Please… 1: Elyse, 2: Shandi, 3: Ann, 4: Kahlen, 5: Kim, 6: Mollie Sue, Joanie, 7: Megg, Melrose, 8: Britanny, Renee, 9: Chantal, Lisa Jackson, Heather, Jenah, 10: Anya, 11: Elina, Marjorie, 12: Natalie, Fo, Celia, 13: Erin, 14: Jessica, 15: Chelsey, 16: Molly, Hannah

  • Ken Yu


  • milkyaqua

    Eh, I found her overrated. She’s done some modeling but she seems to be really trying to break into the movie business hence all the name changes.

    I get folks didn’t care for Jaslene but I thought she deserved her win. Also, she’s been doing nothing but modeling since before and after her cycle. If you haven’t already, you should do a feature on her.

    As for other updates: Mollie Sue would be good. She’s had a decent career though I don’t think she works so much anymore; same goes for Elyse. C3 Ann, Chantal, Fo and Lisa Jackson also have nice careers going for themselves. You might also include Naduah. Julio, a lot of the girls you’ve listed aren’t really modeling anymore: Shandi, Kahlen, Joanie, C8 Brittany, Renee, Heather, Jenah, Marjorie. Anya is working in Hawaii. Hannah and Molly are modeling but neither has done anything really interesting though Hannah has an edge over Molly work-wise. As far as C16 girls, Sara is probably the one to focus on. She just walked in Milan fashion week.

  • jiloca

    Jade. She might have been ridiculous, but she was sure memorable.

  • Aqua

    Wow… she has done incredibly well.. and those lips look kissable … 😀

  • HJ

    KIM! Please do Kim from cycle 5! She was one of the girls who had some great photos and a lot of potential and versatility but they just nit-picked one thing and booted her off! KIM!