Natasha Bedingfield Makes Surprise Appearance At Matinee Las Vegas

I’m having the best time in Toronto right now celebrating the city’s pride. You’re probably thinking, isn’t this your third pride weekend in a row. YUP YUP. I’m currently here on a press tour with a few journalists from around the world checking out what the city has to offer. As much fun as I’m having, I have to admit I was a bit jealous for a split second when my buddy Eduardo Cordova informed me about this. Dayum, I wish I was one of the thousands of people in Vegas during the fourth of July to witness a surprise appearance from one of my favorite singers.

Natasha Bedingfield surprised Matinee attendees at the Main Event on Sunday at the Legendary Rain Nightclub. She came in Rain nightclub at 12:45am with an entourage of over 25 dancers and friends. She was escorted by security to a center VIP table and requested to go to DJ booth. She got to DJ booth where she hugged and kissed her long friend Hector Fonseca when he started playing “Pocket Full of Sunshine” and she got on the mic and started singing along.

The crowd went wild and started jumping and screaming as Natasha was asking everyone to jump and raise their hands for Hector Foseca. Giant projections showing her name and image. She danced and jumped with Hector Fonseca at DJ booth for over 7mins. She then was escorted back to her VIP table were she enjoyed the event with her dancers and friends. She left club around 2:35am.  Over 6,000 people attended this Gay festival. 

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