They battled it out on the fashion runways in the early 90s, and it looks like they’ll face off once again- this time in the Neilsen ratings. The Oxygen network just announced a brand new modeling competition titled “The Face“. The winner of the show will score a national spokesmodel gig for a major brand. Taking a cue from “The Voice”, the show will group the contestants into teams where they are mentored by established models. Enter Naomi Campbell. The British stunner will be one of three models being recruited to mentor the young models.

“The Face is a fresh new series that delivers all the elements our audience craves: fashion, beauty and drama,” Rod Aissa, the network’s Senior Vice President of Original Programming and Development said in a statement. “Oxygen has been looking for the next ideation in the modeling genre and this project delivers it.”

While some of Campbell’s compatriots entered the reality genre years ago, “The Face” will mark Naomi’s debut with the format. She’ll join Heidi Klum and Elle Macpherson who host “Project Runway” and “Fashion Star” respectively. But the one comparison which will be inevitably made is with Tyra Banks. The two infamously were at odds with each other during the supermodel era and feuded for more than a decade. They finally squashed their “rivalry” during an awkward sit down on Tyra Banks former daytime talk show. Tyra so badly wanted closure from Naomi regarding her “Mean Girls” treatment during Tyra’s early career.

“I am looking forward to working in partnership with Oxygen and Shine America to discover the next beautiful face of the modeling world,” – Naomi Campbell

With “America’s Next Top Model” in decline the past several years and the shocking firings of Nigel Barker, Jay Alexander and Jay Manuel, the time is perfect for another modeling show to come along and kick ANTM to the curb. Since the new Oxygen show is in its early stages, I firmly believe this was the network’s reaction to ANTM’s decision to shake up the judging panel. They smelled blood and decided to throw the proverbial hat in the ring.

Tyra Interviews Naomi Campbell

If you haven’t watched Tyra’s interview with Naomi, you simply have to. It’s must-see television at its best. Watch Tyra passionately ask Naomi to acknowledge the bad treatment towards her years ago. AWKWARD.

I thought I’d also share the photo where the “boating incident” took place. I can imagine Campbell shooting daggers towards Banks’ way when the cameras weren’t flashing. Love Naomi, but I’m sure she was an even bigger beyotch back in the day.

What do you think of Oxygen’s new show? Will you watch “The Face“? How pissed off do you think Tyra will be if “The Face” becomes more successful than ANTM? Better yet, how awesome would it be for Oxygen to hire Jay Manuel for its new show? Sound off below.