How To Take The Perfect Naked Selfie


Taking the perfect selfie is very important. In essence, you’re telling the world this is as good as it gets. When it comes to showing your goods, it’s even more important.

Even if your intention is to show it to only one person, you can’t be naive to think that it won’t make the rounds the second you send it out. Gays love to share naked pics of their hookups. So if you’re going to show your dick, it’s best to present it in the most flattering way.

Adult Magazine filmed a tutorial on how to take the perfect naked selfie. From lighting to angles and everything in between, they’ve pretty much have it covered. Check out the clip titled “Long Exposure” below. Be forewarned if you’re at work because there’s a couple shots of erect penises.

  • keith

    this is a parody of scene from American Psycho