This Pop-Tart Pick is another former member of Girls Aloud. Nadine Coyle is trying out solo for herself an I have to say I kind of dig it. My last pick was her ex-band mate Cheryl Cole who is still currently UK pop royalty and I’m still listening to her album. I’ve got Nadine’s album now and gave it a full listen through and I have t say it’s not half bad. I really enjoyed quite a few of the tunes on her “Insatiable” record, my top favourite being the first single “Insatiable.” I also like “Chained” and “Put Your Hands Up.” I’m not sure if Nadine is going to make it quite as big as Cheryl has. For starters Cheryl has the X-Factor behind her which the whole of the UK watches religiously, also Nadine just doesn’t seem to have that extra something special about her. She’s a beautiful girl and has a great talent but I’m just not 100% sold on her. I had the good fortune of being able to see her live when I was on vacation in London in November.

I’ll hand it to her that she did put on quite the good show. She sang live and really does have a nice power behind her vocals. I was a bit frightened though when she first came on because she seems to have drastically dropped weight. I remember her from the Girl Aloud days when I was living in London and she had a healthy look to her. When she came on stage though all I could see was how skinny she was now. Her dress was gorgeous and she had hot man dancers but I wanted to shout “EAT A HAMBURGER!

Here is a photo I took at the concert that was held at G-A-Y Heaven. I miss being able to pay £5.00 and going out every saturday night to G-A-Y and watching a concert, those were some good days.

I leave you now with her music video for her first single “Insatiable.” I hope you all enjoy and let me know what you think!