N2N Bodywear’s Sexy 2012 Photo Shoot: Behind The Scenes

It feels like all of the underwear brands have been busier with photo shoots and videos than ever before right now. Today, we’ve got two hot behind the scenes videos for a photo shoot by N2N Bodywear for their 2012 campaign. The two sexy models you’ll see in the videos are Kaylan Morgan and Julian Naderer.

Not only are the videos great stimulation for your eyes and your….(ahem), but also for your ears. The song playing in the background of the first video is “Feel So Close (Benny Benassi Remix)” by Calvin Harris and in the second, “So This Is Goodbye” by William Fitzsimmons.

You may have seen those HOT pictures of DWTS’s William Levy wearing VERY revealing underwear… well, that was a shoot for N2N Bodywear, so we all have them to thank. Enjoy these behind the scenes videos below!

Behind The Scenes: Part 1

Behind The Scenes: Part 2