MySpace Unveiling New Look Today

Remember MySpace? Well, today their unveiling a new look, repositioning themselves as a “social entertainment destination”. Ever since Facebook and Twitter came around, it seemed as though MySpace was now irrelevant, but they’re fighting and not doing half bad.

This past year, the site brought in about $347 million in ad sales, according to the AP and the site still has a reach of 95 million global visitors every month, which is comprised of 43 million from the United States. Amazing huh? Well, only if you ignore the fact that Facebook had 1.3 billion in ad sales this past year.

MySpace is positioning itself as something that is in addition to Facebook, and they are not trying to replace it. MySpace certainly has the “personal customization” aspect in their corner. After watching the following video, I have to say I’m intrigued.

  • MCF3778

    It sucks….. I want the old site back…. too much flashy garbage!