At least once in your lifetime you should have the opportunity to live with a roommate, be it a friend or someone you didn’t know prior to moving in together.  It is an experience that I have grown accustomed to over the past year and I must say that for me, it has definitely been one of the most enjoyable living arrangements of my life away from my parents.

Actually, this is not the first time I’ve lived with a roommate.  When I first moved away from home when I was 18, I moved out with a straight friend of mine to a cramped little one bedroom just across from the entertainment district in downtown Vancouver.  Now I will admit, I’m not exactly the tidiest gay man in the city (shocking, I know), but living with someone dirtier than I am was a complete nightmare.  Needless to say, I quickly accepted the fact that if I was to live on my own again, it would have to be all by myself.

Since my first roommate nightmare, I have been in two different 2 1/2 year cohabiting relationships and lived alone in my own 300 square foot apartment in between.  After the tumultuous ending of my most recent relationship, I found myself depressed, homeless and alone.  It was then when I found out that a relatively new friend of mine had to find a new place to live because the owner of the apartment he was renting was coming back to live in it.  Now I’d hate to call this perfect timing as I had just broken up with someone who I loved more than anything, but I was soon to find out that someone was definitely looking out for me at that time.

Those of you who have or have had roommates will understand what I mean when I say that sharing a living space definitely has its ups and downs.  Similar to the living situation that I first encountered when I moved out from my parents’ home, most roommates tend to have issues with rent, bills, food, cleaning and noise, among (many) other things.  However, amidst all of the possible issues that might arise, if you’re lucky like me… a roommate can become one of the best friends you will ever have. 

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It has been almost a year since I moved in with the roomie to our spacious one bedroom right in the middle of beautiful coal harbour and I have to say, it has simply been the best living situation I’ve ever encountered.  We have yet to have a fight and very rarely do we even disagree with each other.  A couple of days ago we we both watching a few episodes of The Hills season 2 when roommates Heidi and Lauren were fighting and I silently wondered how terrible it would be to have to live like that!  It’s a great feeling to leave work knowing that you’re going home to someone who makes you laugh and feel truly appreciated as a friend.

Now I  fully acknowledge that my roomie is likely the “better half” as I feel I still have a little more work to do in terms of pulling my own weight in our home.  He is definitely more diligent on the cleanliness side of things (you should see my room right now!), but I like to cook and I try to prepare meals for the both of us whenever possible.  All in all, I feel we fit together perfectly (just like he fits perfectly into all of my expensive shirts that I grow out of).  It truly is a sublime living arrangement and like I said before, I hope that everyone gets to experience a situation like this at least once. 

So roomie, here’s to you for not only being the greatest roommate ever, but also for becoming such an amazing friend.