Protect Your Package With MYPAKAGE Underwear

Have you ever been to the gym or done an extreme sport and been wearing the wrong underwear for the job? You find that your balls are getting in the way and making you uncomfortable or that your package just doesn’t feel protected? Then I have the underwear for you. May I introduce you MYPAKAGE undies.

These undies are made up of 93% Model and 7% Spandex. It absorbs more than 50% better than cotton but is still incredibly breathable. Because the fabric combination is so progressive, you’ll find that it never shrinks or wrinkles after the wash. Another great feature of the underwear’s fabric is that it is resistant to pilling caused by friction and will always remain incredibly soft. Bonus!

But what about his underwear keeps your package and your balls safe? That would be their Keyhole Comfort Technology which is pictured in the photo above. I have been trying out a few pairs of the undies which come in a Weekday and Weekend Collection. Whether it’s at the gym or a dance rehearsal, these undies have the family jewels fully protected. Check out how the undies work below.

Like what you see? You can purchase your own MYPKG online at: