Theatre Review: My Funny Valentine

My Funny Valentine is a locally written and produced play done by some of our very own.

Going into this production, I had absolutely no idea what it was about. None whatsoever, and I was very excited to check it out. It’s been such a long time since I have gone to see a play (musicals don’t count), so I thought WHY NOT break my drought with something local.

My Funny Valentine is based around the events of the Lawrence King murder, who if you don’t know was a 15 year old boy who was shot in the head twice by his 14 year old classmate for allegedly being gay. I say allegedly because it’s been close to 3 years and it still has not gone to trial. Why did he get shot in the head? Well Dave Deveau who wrote the play gave you that whole story really cleverly.

MFV stars Kyle Cameron who is the sole actor in a play with 7 characters:

  • The Journalist
  • Gloria, the student
  • Helen, the loving concerned teacher
  • Howe, the old gay man
  • Angry Dad (who in my opinion was the best)
  • The male teacher
  • The little girl who gets Lawrence’s organs after he died

Each of these characters that Cameron portrays all has a specific tie to the little boy who got murdered, but the two that were the most intense were Helen the school teacher and Angry Dad, and both of them you could say were the opposite of each other. Cameron uses different props on his stage when playing someone it’s really quite clever. He also develops different traits for each character, I noticed with angry dad his hands were stiff and tense, but they were only like that for him.

I applaud the way Dave Deveau wrote this story, it’s a really great way to see something from many different angles. In the press release it mentions that Lawrence King gave his killer Brandon McInerney a Valentine in front of his friends a couple days before he killed him, and that was the trigger as to why he shot him, in the head twice in the computer lab. But MFV has moments of smart humour, as it does intense heartbreak.

I hope you all get to go and check it out. It has been extended until April 30th at the Pal Theatre, 8th Floor, 581 Cardero Street in Vancouver. It’s incredibly important to support local talent, and I highly recommend My Funny Valentine.

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    I love that you went to go see this play Tommy, and posted about it! <3

  • Hey, I am a smrt boi. i like dem pleys.