I have some amazing news. I have a new boyfriend! We are so happy together I can’t even tell you…except for one little thing. He doesn’t know it yet! HA!

I’ve been seeing people’s status updates, and reading blogs and news articles about Idol’s ADAM LAMBERT, what was the big deal? I mean, was that show any good anymore? I stopped watching Idol after the first season, and didn’t really care for anyone after that really. The only ones that have any kind of career are Kelly Clarkson (Season 1 ) and Carrie Underwood (Season 4 was it?). Everyone else was kind of dumb. Clay should’ve won season 2, Archuletta should’ve won his season, Katherine McPhee should’ve won hers. I just lost complete interest in that show.

Enter Adam Lambert. Holy Fack!

First of all, he is a brilliant singer. I mean, I don’t have to tell you that, I just jumped on the bandwagon this week. You probably know better than me how amazing he is. I checked out his version of Mad World, and I think it changed my life. I’m not even kidding. I hit play on the youtube video, and it was like instant teary eyes…Amazing singer, CHECK!

Add to that, that fact that he is SO bloody GORGORAMA I can’t even believe. I saw some photos of him with his emo bangs, and guyliner, and thought he was cute. Then when I saw him last night with his hair combed back, wearing a suit, singing “If I can’t have you”, HoMG! He was totally singing to me btw, he called me after to tell me so…I wish.

Finally, he’s a big ol’ homo and not afraid to say it! Which I love! I like my men a little gay I ain’t gonna lie. A little guy liner, a drag appearance or two, and a HAYYYY GURRRL every now and then, LOVE IT! I also like it when people embrace they’re sexuality…DUH! So when pictures of him came out smooching another guy, he didn’t care. And neither did America because he’s kicking ASSSSSSS!

So, like every other crush I have, I will be totally obsessing over Adam until I move on. But honestly, as of right now, he has surpassed Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian from Narnia) as my absolutely perfect man, and Prince Caspian had it since Christmas…not bad. He lasted 4 months. That’s pretty solid.

But the Prince couldn’t compete with that voice, that smile, that hair, those eyes…SWOOOOOOOOOON!

It’s impossible to find any IDOL footage on youtube,  but I got his studio version of the songs he did and his audition…try not to faint!