Finn Wittrock Is Exceptionally Dreamy In ‘My All American’ Trailer


Finn Wittrock has those old school movie star looks. It’s no wonder why he consistently gets cast in period parts- Masters of Sex, Unbroken and AHS: Freak Show. His latest role finds himself once again heading to the past.

The 30-year-old stud plays college football player Freddie Steinmark in the biographical sport film, My All-American. Steinmark’s battle with cancer inspired the United States Congress to write the National Cancer Act of 1971. When President Nixon signed it into law, it officially began the “War on Cancer.”

Sarah Bolger, Aaron Eckhart and Robin Tunney round out the cast. Angelo Pizzo who wrote Hoosiers and Rudy directs the film. Solid credentials. My All-American rushes into theaters on November 13. Check out the trailer below.

My All American Movie Trailer