Müller Returns To Using Sexy Men To Sell Yogurt

Nicole Scherzinger served as Müller yogurt brand ambassador for several years. I guess her association wasn’t bringing in huge sales. The multi-national dairy company has returned to its old campaign strategy- using hot shirtless men. My favorite kind of marketing 😉

The company recently released their hottest ad yet. It features a buff naked model channeling his inner Atlas while posing for a sculptor. When he gets distracted by a woman declaring the virtues of her tasty yogurt, he drops his globe and chases it. Unfortunately, it’s not the pair of orbs most of us would like to see.

Check out the sexy clip below. I also added some other appealing ads from the company over the years. Enjoy.

Muller Light Kremas Commercial

Muller Light Gets a Brazilian Flavour

Müllerlight Greek Style Luscious Lemon Lifeguard

Müllerlight Chocolate Fix