Homorazzi: An MTV Reality Show?

MTV is searching for their next reality show. They’ve asked people from coast to coast to submit their stories and videos of why they feel they’d make an interesting online reality show. Well, we figured our journey so far has been an interesting one, and there’s much more to come.


A group of gays start a website called Homorazzi.com – Where Homos Judge Everything. From celebrity interviews to red carpet events, watch their journey unfold as they try and make it into something big. Will Patrick and Donovan be able to mix business with pleasure? Will love and friendships last, or will their be casualties along the way?

Check out the video below! If you find the link to the profile on casting.mtv.ca, please post it as a comment as we can’t seem to find it! Haha.
[Editor’s Note: We found the link here it is http://casting.mtv.ca/promote.php?p=4370]

  • Jared

    Good Luck!

  • Look how fat I was!

  • SHOCKING…the Drama section is Adam and me.

  • bruin

    that was a good video. good luck!

  • Why did I know you were going to comment about your former self, tommy? LOL

  • Henri

    Good LUCK guys, shake it more juicy :0)

  • FGP

    I’d watch this show! Great trailer! Tommy D, you’re hot – then AND now!

  • Joe Lethbridge

    Best of luck guys. I found the main page but spent twenty minutes and I can’t find the profile . http://casting.mtv.ca/

  • I don’t think they’ve updated the page over the weekend because we submitted it on Saturday

  • tim

    awesome, good luck. i know i’d watch.

  • Joe Lethbridge

    Hey Patrick . I found it . 🙂 http://casting.mtv.ca/view.php?p=107 Hey Guys ! post this everywhere. Facebook myspace .

  • Here’s the link to the official page: http://casting.mtv.ca/promote.php?p=4370

  • Ferry

    Good luck. I think this reality show will rocks….