With news like this, it looks like seeing music on MTV is slowly disappearing. Maybe they should just drop the “M” completely from their call letters because they are literally just becoming TV, with nothing music about it… other than the fact they have their yearly Video Music Awards. However, I digress. The network has just ordered two scripted and four reality shows in order to expand their original programming.

“We’re always looking to connect with our audience in a way that reflects their lives back at them — we always say our lives amplified ­ and each of these series connects with our core young audience in a way that reflects their lives back at them. They relate to it as being very pertinent to their real lives in the world today.” David Janollari, Head of MTV Programming

It makes sense really. Look at the continued success of the guilty pleasure Jersey Shore and the newly renewed for a second season, Teen Wolf. MTV has discovered that the ones watching the network are those tweens and so, you have to cater to them. Check out the new shows MTV will bringing to us soon below.

The first new show is titled Underemployed. The show is a comical look at a group of post-college grads trying to start their careers and essentially, their lives in a tough economic environment. The show stars Jared Kusnitz from The Secret Life Of An American Teenager. The second scripted show joining the above mentioned is Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous co-created and starring the hilarious comedian, Bo Burnham. It explores the current young generation’s desire to be famous. Fitting for MTV don’t you think?

“All of these series reflect timely themes that we know resonate with our audience. We’ve listened to our viewers and feel that this group of shows hits cultural nerves that connect with them.” Chris Linn, Executive VP MTV Programming and Head of Production

So what can expect on the unscripted side of things? We begin with Catfish, which is going to be a television adaptation based on the indie film festival flick. MTV feels that it’s a very relevant topic as to what is happening now-a-days with online relationships and courting. The series will do the same thing the film did, divulge the good and the bad of dating online.

Another project is titled Hoods. The concept follows characters from their glitz and glamored lives and takes you back to where they came from: their less flashy and more gritty hometowns. The first episode will feature Ke$ha who will takes us along on a journey back to her humble beginnings in Nashville. Think a less glamorous version of MTV’s Cribs.

The last two reality shows to hit the screen are Wake Brothers which introduces us to pro wakeboarder Philip Soven and his brother Bob. The second is titled Wait Till Next Year which follows a losing high school football team attempting to break it’s five-year losing streak on, and off the field. Out of all the shows being put together, this one has peaked my interest the most.

Out of all the new shows, which ones would you like to check out?