Old School Flashback: N’ Sync, Usher, Pink, Mya & Destiny’s Child Do Janet Jackson

Remember MTV Icon? The short-lived tribute annual special ran between 2001 til 2004. Each year, the network would pay homage to a musical act they deemed a cultural icon. Aerosmith, Metallica and The Cure were all celebrated on the series. The inaugural honor, however, went to Janet, Miss Jackson if your “Nasty,” Jackson.

For her special, MTV brought in several acts to honor Jackson. Outkast kicked things off with a performance of their then-hit “Ms Jackson.” The rest of the night featured other pop acts either covering Janet’s biggest hits or paying homage in their own way. My two favorite moments from the special came from a video by ‘N Sync and a dance tribute from P!nk, Usher and Mya. The boy band filmed an exact replica of my favorite Jackson hit, “That’s The Way Love Goes.” Meanwhile, the trio strutted their stuff to some of Janet’s iconic choreography. It was EPIC.

Not everything was a success though that night. Destiny’s Child, Macy Gray and Buckcherry all bombed big time (IMHO) with their respective covers. The evening ended with Janet performing “All For You” accompanied by dancers wearing some of her signature looks from her music videos. Check out some of the performances below.

‘N Sync “That’s The Way Love Goes”

Janet Jackson “That’s The Way Love Goes” Music Video

Pink, Mya & Usher Dance Tribute To Janet Jackson

Destiny’s Child “Let’s Wait Awhile”

Macy Gray “Love Will Never Do Without You”

How awesome was that dance tribute by P!nk, Usher and Mya? On the flip side, how horrendous was that cover by Destiny’s Child? OUCH. Do you remember watching this special? Are you a fan of Janet Jackson? What’s your favorite song? Sound off below.

  • TJ

    YAY!!! Thanks for giving some love to Janet. That All for You performance was everything.

  • RadaR

    I never knew how good P!nk can dance °o° I mean i knew she can dance like the artistic way in Try but not like THAT….AMAZING.

  • Homegirl No5

    Christina Aguilera sang for 10 seconds if I recall. Poor thing. No one gave her attention then, and they certainly aren’t giving it to her now. Agree with TJ. Janet’s All For You was everything. 🙂

  • daws

    Janet is one of my all time faves. “Control” was the first album I owned (and it was on cassette!).

  • rui asterisco

    i’m a janet die hard fan. i remember this so well. the p!ink usher may tribute was awesome 😀