MTV Announces Future ‘Teen Wolf’ Reboot Featuring New Cast

Teen Wolf starring Tyler Posey is a reboot of the 1985 Michael J. Fox fantasy-comedy film. MTV clearly doesn’t want to say goodbye to the franchise. Ahead of the series’ final season, beginning July 30, the network has revealed its future plans.

It’s rebooting the reboot by turning it into an anthology series featuring a new cast and new settings. For fans of the current iteration, there’s a possibility that the future series might feature an occasional appearance from a returning character.

“These characters and these stories have hit a peak,” MTV president Chris McCarthy told The Hollywood Reporter. “We are talking with Jeff about how do we actually keep that franchise alive. And the beauty of the evolution of media is you can see the series going on through a series of podcasts and then see a resurrection of a new class in a couple years.” He added, “We want to give it enough time to let the series finale marinate a year or so, and then when we find the right story and the right cast, look to resurrect it.”

Exactly what purpose will the podcasts serve? McCarthy explained further.

“How do we keep this franchise alive in podcasts, in the spirit of Serial, and then how do we actually reboot an entire new class? Because the heart of MTV is around these timeless issues of young people and coming of age, but the timely piece will be the whole new cast, new set of issues, and stories to explore through them. With Teen Wolf, we have such a beautiful gem. And when you have a creator like Jeff that is such an amazing partner and the fan base that is hungry for more, we’re crazy not to.”

Happy that Teen Wolf might live on? Weigh in below.

  • frederick.

    Not sure how I feel. The OG cast will forever be the best, and I’m not sure I’ll watch a reboot. Teen Wolf is such a great show I’ll miss it.

  • Davidusca

    Will miss the show but did lose interest with the constant changing directions and added and deleted cast members.
    I will surely welcome a reboot to see if new characters can out-do or equal the old. Hard to beat Tyler Pose and Tyler Hochlin. They will certainly have a high bar to straddle when it comes to selecting a new cast.