I saw it coming for quite a while, I mean how could you not, especially when you work down on Denman like I do. Bright banana yellow exterior, cartoon mustachioed dancing potato, and that delicious looking picture in the front window. Flash in the pan, or legit lunchtime treat?

Mr. Kumpir is a fastfood chain from Turkey (yup, Turkey), and by fastfood, I mean delicious fresh baked potatoes with unprocessed equally delicious toppings. After wading through the history of the potato as a vegetable (apparently began with the Incas who knew), I still could not find how many countries or locations Mr. Kumpir is in, but I’ll be damned if I can find any mention of another location in Canada.

Let’s get down to business here. For $4.00 and change, you get a delicious gigantic baked potato, broken open and stuffed with a bit of butter and cheese, then mashed IN THE SKIN to make it smooth. This comes with up to three toppings and sauce (each additional topping is 50 cents), and by toppings and sauce I mean a plethora of toppings and sauce. Meat? How bout crab, spicy marinated beef, ham, a mountain of bacon bits? Don’t stop there. Veggies? How about broccoli, corn, pickled eggplant, cabbage, roasted red peppers, kidney beans, tomatoes? And did you say sauce? Why limit it to sour cream? How about some hummus, hot sauce, garlic cream, tzatziki?

You could not find a cheaper healthier lunch because really the toppings are up to you whether you want all fresh veggies, or something a little more devilish. This is Subway on a fresh hot potato. This satisfies vegetarians and carnivores alike, satisfies the broke and the rich. You get. Your money’s. Worth.

Denman truly is snack capital of Vancouver, with sweets like Cookies by George, Cupcakes, delicious Qoola for frozen yogurt and the new chocolate bar Dulcinea. But with a falafel joint, and a greek restaurant on every corner, it’s nice to have some variety, and Mr. Kumpir delivers in a unique and exciting way. Next time you’re near English Bay, stop in, and stop in hungry. God I love food.

Submitted By: Nic O.

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