Julia Roberts Reunites With Pretty Woman Director For Star-Studded ‘Mother’s Day’


Julia Roberts is once again teaming up with the director that made her into a household name. Without a doubt, Garry Marshall put the 47-year-old actress on the map with the blockbuster Pretty Woman. The two joined forces again in Runaway Bride and Valentine’s Day.

Deadline is reporting Roberts will take part in Marshall’s next film set around yet another holiday. Mother’s Day “tells intertwining stories about the lives of several mothers as the title holiday approaches.” Find out below which actresses are in negotiations to also appear in the film


Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson are reportedly in negotiations to co-star in the star-studded film. Jason Sudeikis is also rumored to be circling a part in the ensemble.

Fingers crossed it’s more like Valentine’s Day than New Year’s Eve. The latter was not nearly as good as its predecessor. Commercially, it didn’t compare as well. Valentine’s Day earned $216 million ($280 million worldwide), while New Year’s Eve earned $143 million ($185 million worldwide).

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