The Most Bing’d Celeb of 2011 Is…

Every year, Bing releases it’s list of the top searched celebrities through their search engine and the 2011 list has arrived (despite the fact that December hasn’t even happened yet). I thought I’d know who the celebrity would be in an instant and to my surprise, it was my second guess. Just to refresh you, here was last year’s list.

  • 1. Kim Kardashian
  • 2. Sandra Bullock
  • 3. Lady Gaga
  • 4. Tiger Woods
  • 5. Bararck Obama
  • 6. Justin Bieber
  • 7. Kate Gosselin
  • 8. Jesse James
  • 9. Jennifer Anistron
  • 10. Michael Jackson

This year, I thought for sure that Kim Kardashian would have retained her spot at #1 especially after all the drama surrounding her divorce to Kris Humphries. However, Ms. Kardashian fell short of the top spot and ended up only at #2. So, which famous face do people search for the most? Check it out below.

If you guessed Justin Bieber, then you were correct! Bieber jumped form his previous #6 spot all the way up to #1. I’m sure that had a lot to do with the amazing year he had with the release of Never Say Never plus his romantic tie to Selena Gomez and of course, the most recent baby mama drama with Mariah Yeater. Check out who else made the top ten list for 2011 below.

  • 1. Justin Bieber
  • 2. Kim Kardashian
  • 3. Jennifer Aniston
  • 4. Lindsay Lohan
  • 5. Jennifer Lopez
  • 6. Britney Spears
  • 7. Katy Perry
  • 8. Megan Fox
  • 9. Lady Gaga
  • 10. Miley Cyrus

Quite the noticeable drop is that of Lady Gaga from #3 down to #9 and the rise of Jennifer Aniston from #9 to #3. Another change is that Justin is the only male on the top ten where last year, five men occupied the top ten. What do you think of this year’s list? Which of these celebs did you Bing? Sound off below.

  • Aqua

    EW Justin on top … wtf and Gaga on 9th spot..also lohan on 4th place… Ots a world gone Mad….

  • Chris

    What is a Bing? 😛