Are you on the Instagram bandwagon? Admittedly, I got in the game late because I refused to join another social media site since I barely use Twitter other than professional reasons. I have to admit, I do enjoy Instagram though. Everyone and everything looks so much better with their various filters. Even post-club drunk food looks extra appealing with the Instagram effect. LOL. Feel free to follow me and check out my Instagram profile.

The popular photo app recently revealed an interesting stat- the most-Instagrammed place in 2012. Have any guesses? With over 100,000 photos taken at this location, the winner is Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. Never would’ve guessed. I’ve never been to Thailand, but interestingly enough Homorazzi’s Rich and Jonny are both there right now on separate vacations with their respective significant others. They probably added to the location’s total for sure.

Included in the Top 10 list are a couple of stadiums which makes perfect sense given the number of people who attend sporting events and concerts there. Out of ten locations, I can proudly say I’ve actually been to eight of them in the past several years. Check out the list below and see if you’ve taken an Instagram pic there.

Surprised by any location on the list? Surprised that one didn’t crack the Top 10? Where do you usually take your Instagram pics? Sound off below.