Forbes Reveals Top 10 Most Overpaid Movie Stars In 2015


We have a new winner, or should I say loser.

Johnny Depp, who came in second to Adam Sandler last year, is numero uno on Forbes annual Most Overpaid Actors list. Reportedly, the once-powerful box office star’s recent flicks have returned only $1.20 for every $1 he was paid. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Denzel Washington, Channing Tatum, Christian Bale also made the embarrassing list.

The publication factors the last three films each actor starred in before June 2015. The films must’ve been released in at least 2,000 screens and not been a cameo or animated film. With two high-profile gigs next year, Alice Through The Looking Glass and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tall No Tales, Depp should find redemption.

On the flip side, Forbes reveals Chris Evans is the actor that provides the most bang for the buck. He generates a whopping $181.80 for every dollar paid. While no women landed on the dishonorable list, they occupy five of the ten slots on the Top 10 Best Actors For The Buck. Girl power folks!!! Check out both lists below and weigh in afterward.

2015 Most Overpaid Hollywood Actors

  • 1. Johnny Depp: $1.20 per $1
  • 2. Denzel Washington: $6.50 per $1
  • 3. Will Ferrell: $6.80 per $1
  • 4. Liam Neeson: $7.80 per $1
  • 5. Will Smith: $8.60 per $1
  • 6. Christian Bale: $9.20 per $1
  • 7. Channing Tatum: $10.80 per $1
  • 8. Brad Pitt: $12.00 per $1
  • 9. Ben Affleck: $12.30 per $1
  • 10. Tom Cruise: $13.60 per $1

2015 Top 10 Best Actors For The Buck

  • 1. Chris Evans: $181.80 per $1
  • 2. Mila Kunis: $87.30 per $1
  • 3. Scarlett Johansson: $84.90 per $1
  • 4. Gwyneth Paltrow: $82.90 per $1
  • 5. Emma Stone: $54.00 per $1
  • 6. Chris Hemsworth: $42.10 per $1
  • 7. Vin Diesel: $40.30 per $1
  • 8. Jennifer Lawrence: $39.10 per $1
  • 9. Mark Wahlberg: $37.90 per $1
  • 10. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: $28.10 per $1
  • 604brian

    The girl power thought might be misdirected. They are underpaid compared to their male counterparts, and when they bring in big bucks (like their male counterparts) they are worth more per dollar spent. This only means they are bargain basement priced for their worth.
    And I might also add that Chris Evans needs to fire his agent and renegotiate his wages.

  • Byyong

    Think Chris Evans profitability comes from the fact he stars in the Avengers/Captain Amercia franchise. Its well know that Marvel doesnt pay that well and they reduce salary costs by committing actors a contract of films rather than pay on a movie by movie basis. Beyond that Chris Evans only stars in a handful of independent films.