With the Grammy’s coming up tomorrow, it’s only fitting that all week long, people have been compiling their favorite performances from Grammy’s past and People Magazine is no exception. However, it appears that a few performances happening at this weekend’s Grammy’s may raise a few eyebrows and be added to some lists for next year’s posts.

For example, The Beach Boys are ready to make a comeback with an upcoming tour and are kicking it all off at the Grammy’s. Joining them on stage will be Foster The People along with Maroon 5. If you’ve been watching the Grammy’s for the last few years, you’ve noticed that they are all about unlikely collaborations and making them happen on stage.

Another unlikely combo will the Grammy’s tribute to dance music. The performance is set to include David Guetta and Deadmau5 alongside Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and The Foo Fighters. Who ever thought you’d see all of these artists on stage together. Not me, that’s for sure. Check out People’s Top 10 list below.

10. The Jonas Brothers & Stevie Wonder (2009)

What People said: Who could have guessed the unlikely pairing of the onetime tween Disney pop heartthrobs and the Motown R&B legend could sign, seal and deliver a whopping 21.3 million viewers at the 2009 telecast.

My thoughts: I actually like this performance a lot. I love how Stevie and his band took this song to a level beyond it’s tweeny pop roots. It’s too bad the Jo Bros don’t make music together anymore. Their solo careers haven’t really topped anything since then. Also, Stevie Wonder’s voice is always so unbelievable live.

9. John Mayer, Keith Urban & Norah Jones (2011)

What People said: Talk about genre-bending. When you try to imagine any three artists likely to collaborate on a cover of Dolly Parton’s classic “Jolene,” pop crooner John Mayer, Aussie country balladeer Keith Urban, and fusion-jazz key-tickler Norah Jones don’t exactly come to mind. But by all accounts, the performance was well done – and everyone actually did their own singing.

My thoughts: YES! This version of “Jolene” is unreal and Norah nailed the style of Dolly Parton perfectly. I also love how John Mayer took his verse and totally made it his own. I definitely remember being blown away by this performance last year.

8. Justin Timberlake & Arturo Sandoval (2004)

What People said: Somehow, the Afro-Cuban jazz legend ended up on stage with Justin Timberlake – and they didn’t have boxes attached to their crotches, so apparently it wasn’t a punchline to an SNL Digital Short.

My thoughts: At a first glance, this may seem like an unlikely duo and a really abnormal pair. However, with Justin’s song selection of “Senorita” and Arturo’s amazing trumpet skills, the song went off without a hitch. Man can Justin sing! All Grammy performances should be this inspired.

7. Kanye West & Daft Punk (2008)

What People said: This one’s for the haters: West performed his hit “Stronger” with the French synthpop duo, who magically appeared mid-song inside a pyramid. Fans of both West and Daft Punk responded to their collaboration with a collective, “Wha?!”

My thoughts: Who ever said that the Grammy’s didn’t like dance music. Kanye was putting it into his tracks before it really exploded into pop music and featured Daft Punk in this 2008 performance. Let’s hope this year’s tribute doesn’t leave us with the same reaction though. WTF?!

6. Madonna & Gorillaz (2006)

What People said: You could argue that Madonna has reinvented herself so many times that it made sense for her to take the stage with the fictional personae of Gorillaz with the help of 3D-hologram technology. But then you could also argue that it would have made more sense for her to have duetted with Jessica Rabbit.

My thoughts: Okay, this performance and idea was absolutely awful. Whoever thought this was a good idea I’m sure is hanging their head in shame. The open with the Gorillaz was so boring and Madonna cannot sing well live. However, “Hung Up” is still one of my all-time favorite songs. Period.

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