Find Out The Top 10 LGBT Friendly & Least Friendly LGBT Countries In The World

The Williams Institute UCLA School Of Law recently released a report outlining the social acceptance of LGBT people in 141 countries from 1981 to 2014. According to their findings, the average level of acceptance has increased since 1980, specifically in 80 out of the 141 countries. However, 46 countries saw a decline while 15 experienced no change.

“Development of the LGBT Global Acceptance Index. Using an advanced statistical model, the authors developed the LGBT Global Acceptance Index (GAI) to measure acceptance in each country. Acceptance is the extent to which LGBT people are seen in ways that are positive and inclusive, both with respect to an individual’s opinions about LGBT people and with regard to an individual’s position on LGBT policy”

Leading the pack with a GAI score of 7.37 is Iceland. Not surprising given that the Nordic island country decriminalized homosexuality in 1940. It then introduced registered partnerships for same-sex couples in 1996 with same-sex marriage arriving in 2010. To boot, Iceland became the first country in the world to elect an openly-gay Prime Minister in 2009 when Johanna Sigurdardottir took office.

Rounding out the Top 10 are the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Andorra, Norway, Belgium, Spain, France, and Switzerland. Ireland just missed out at No. 11, while Great Britain placed No. 14. Over in North America, Canada ranked at No. 18 with the United States coming in at No. 23.

On the bottom end of the GAI index as the least friendly LGBT countries were Azerbaijan, Georgia, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Rwanda, Senegal, Indonesia, Uganda, and Guinea.

Any surprises with the Top 10 or Bottom 10? Weigh in below.