Who’s The Most Dangerous Cyber Celebrity Of 2015


Intel recently unveiled 2015’s Most Dangerous Cyber Celebrities. The annual list takes a look at the celebrity keywords that most often lead to malware and viruses.

Jimmy Kimmel earned the dishonorable title last year but falls all the way to No. 24. Instead, DJ Armin van Buuren who took the runner-up slot in 2014 rises to the top for this year. According to Intel, nearly one in five results generated by van Buuren searches combined with terms like “free MP4,” “HD downloads,” or “torrent” linked to malicious websites.

“With today’s busy culture and a desire for real time information, consumers often click on sites that will quickly provide them with news and entertainment, without considering safety and security implications,” said Stacey Conner, online safety expert at Intel Security. “Cybercriminals leverage this need for immediacy by encouraging people to visit unsafe sites that can steal private data.”

Not surprisingly, musicians dominated the Top 10. However, there were a couple of exceptions. Amy Schumer, Nina Dobrev and shockingly Betty White made the cut. Check out the rest of the Top 10 below.

2015 Most Dangerous Cyber Celebrities

  • 1. Armin van Buuren – 17.92%
  • 2. Luke Bryan – 17.64%
  • 3. Usher – 16.67%
  • 4. Britney Spears – 16.39%
  • 5. Jay Z – 15.83%
  • 6. Katy Perry – 14.86%
  • 7. Amy Schumer – 14.72%
  • 8. Betty White – 14.03%
  • 9. Lorde – 13.61%
  • 10. Nina Dobrev – 13.19%

For more in-depth stats and how to protect yourself, head over to McAfee.