We’re still recovering from our NYE celebrations, so we decided to take today off. In lieu of new articles, we decided to repost some of our favorite 2010 Year End List-themed posts from this year. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.

Is it me or did Fall 2010’s reality shows feature more annoying contestants than ever before? I don’t even think I’m exaggerating in the least. Cumulatively, the networks cast the most polarizing and irritating reality stars in recent memory if not ever. There were moments during this Fall TV season, when my jaw literally fell to the ground after witnessing some of their behavior. It was baffling to see how some of these people consistently remained on their respective shows, despite their shenanigans.

While I do recognize I could choose to stop watching the offending shows, I didn’t for the sake of my dear loyal reality TV fanatics. Papa’s gotta do his research you know. Hands up, if you believe that line of BS. Truth be told, I just didn’t have enough strength to stop staring at the trainwrecks. Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and help me bequeath “The Most Annoying Reality Star” title to one of these hookers.

Bristol Palin (Dancing With The Stars)

Originally tapped as this season’s Kate Gosselin, I was curious to see how Bristol would perform. She was nowhere as stiff as Gosselin, but she had no business making it to the finals. While seeing her outlast better dancers like Audrina or Rick Fox was sorta expected, Bristol beating Brandy was downright blasphemous. And how annoying SLASH ridiculous was it to hear “teen activist” mentioned whenever they said her name. Let’s call a spade, a spade. She was an irresponsible teen who got prego and kept it because her momma was running or vice-president.

Michaele & Tareq Salahi (The Real Housewives of D.C.)

The Salahis made headlines almost a year before the show even aired. Like most people, I had a preconceived notion of these two, before ever seeing them on the show. Having said that, I was open-minded enough to give them an opportunity to win me over. Like they say, there are two sides to every story. Unfortunately in the Salahis’ case there are 500 sides to every story. I don’t think these two ever uttered a truth on the show. Then when confronted during the reunion show, they still wouldn’t come clean with all their falsehoods. Even when addressed by Congress, they chose to plead the fifth for every question, even the most obvious. I really hope these two pay for their White House gate crashing.

Mary Amons (left) & Lynda Erkiletian (middle) (The Real Housewives of D.C.)

There is no denying the Salahis are as cray cray as f*ck. But if they weren’t on the cast, I’m positive Mary and Lynda would receive the ire of the show’s fans. Both these women acted extremely childish in numerous occasions throughout the series. When Mary wasn’t completely sloshed, she was busy bitching about her daughter borrowing her clothes from her closet which was locked via fingerprint recognition. Who does that?!?!? For being the eldest of the women, Lynda gave Mary a run for her money for being the most immature. She acted all piously with her sanctimonious advice and masked her biting comments with a creepy fake smile. I loved it when a cast member called her out for marrying into money instead of earning what she has. I’d love to see her flipping corn hash at the local fast food joint if she was ever to lose everything. PS. I actually liked Cat and I loved Stacie. Other than that, this series needs a major overhaul in casting if they’re shooting a Season 2.

Camille Grammer & Taylor Armstrong (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)

Unlike the RHODC, I actually like this series from the popular Bravo franchise. I love me some Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof Nassif. How wonderfully awesome are those two ladies? Even though they probably have the most money out of the bunch, they seem the most well-grounded and down-to-earth. But enough with the good, let’s get to the bad. First there’s Camille. Not that I wish divorce or infidelity on anyone, but if I was Kelsey Grammer I would’ve parted ways with this delusional and vindictive woman years ago. I can’t find one redeeming quality in this woman. Then, there’s Taylor Armstrong who’s so lost in LA-LA-LAND I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Her over-the-top inflated lips are only matched by her equally grandiose, extravagant and unnecessary birthday party for her daughter.

Kacey Leggett (America’s Next Top Model)

For the most part, I liked the majority of the wannabe models on Cycle 15. But what kind of a show would it be without your token bitch. Enter Kacey who offended practically everyone in the house. If that wasn’t enough, she shamelessly flirted on one of the male models even though she had a boyfriend back at home. And the worst offense of all, her pictures weren’t all that. Tsk, tsk. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Angelina Pivarnick (Jersey Shore)

You’d think receiving a second chance at winning the reality television sweepstakes would make you a tiny bit humble. Not so for the Staten Island dump. Considering she missed an opportunity of a lifetime by leaving Jersey Shore Season 1 early, I was expecting Angelina to be on her best behavior this go round. HAHAHA, boy was I incredibly wrong. She not only was worse than ever, but she once again left the show early. What a total skank. Her post-Shore career is even trashier than her on-camera persona. First she hooked up with The Bachelorette’s revilved Justin Rego, then she released a God-awful single. Now there are talks of her doing a legit porn tape. Ewwww. Who would want to see that??? TGIF she’s not coming back for Season 3.

Jimmy T. & NaOnka Mixon & Shannon Elkins (Survivor)

Survivor Nicaragua featured one of the most beloved castaways ever with Jane. So much so, she handily won the viewers choice prize of $100,000 by the greatest margin in Survivor history. But even with her extremely likable character, as a whole this season was probably the most unlikable bunch ever. That’s saying a lot considering, Thailand is so hated. From Jimmy T’s constant whining, to NaOnaka’s crazy antics to Shannon’s homophobia, each episode had me wanting to jump in a time machine and go to Nicaragua and slap these fools silly. I was on the fence with NaOnka until she quit. Up until that point, I just thought it was brilliant strategy. In the end, she was just another delusional angry beyotch.

Johnny Weir (Skating With The Stars)

When the judging panel was revealed for Skating With The Stars, I thought LaurieAnn Gibson would annoy the crap out of me. Boy, was I wrong. I underestimated how utterly annoying and childish Johnny Weir could be. While I respect his loyalty for his good friend Jill Zarin (RHONY), his allegiance was worthy of middle school mean girls. No matter what Bethenny Frankel did, he would rake her over the coals. As the weeks went on, his cattiness grew meaner. He was obviously fighting Zarin’s battle, but without any grace, tact or subtlety. Then he does a complete 180 during finals week and all of a sudden magically begins to compliment Bethenny on everything. Even applauding her whipping back and forth skills. Obviously, the black swan read all the backlash from his nasty attitude and tried to win back the viewers.

Mahsa Saeidi-Azcuy, David Johnson & Stephanie Castagnier (The Apprentice)

I maybe in the minority by saying this, but I was really looking forward to “The Apprentice” going back to its roots and airing an non-celebrity season. While the concept of giving those who were hurt by the global recession a second chance was a great one, the casting department should’ve selected candidates who were more worthy. Considering the show is called the greatest job interview ever (Trump’s words, not mine), you’d think the cast would be on their best behavior. Since this, in essence, was their nationwide resume. By far, the three biggest offenders of the lot are pictured above. Not only were they not the most effective during tasks, but they were downright vindictive and manipulative. What made them even worse and more intolerable was their high-decibel levels of yelling during boardroom debates. As one got fired, rather than having a calming effect, the remaining annoying candidates only got more irritating. If I ever commit a crime, simply put me in a cell with one of these dolts. That’s punishment enough.

Ivy Higa (Project Runway)

My first impression of Ivy was a good one. She passed herself as someone who had great design skills and I appreciated her biting confessionals. But as the weeks wore on, her commentaries became uglier and so did her creations. While Gretchen was equally as guilty of being a “mean girl” like Ivy, at least Gretchen was able to make beautiful clothes that made her attitude more tolerable. Even after a few of the episodes aired, you’d think Ivy would’ve learned a lesson. Nope, not in the least. Her attitude only got worse during the reunion show.

Mike Vensel (The Fashion Show)

Mike didn’t last for very long, but made such a strong impression I had to include him on this list. Unable to “make it work” (I know wrong show), Mike literally mentally broke down in front of cameras. Rather than reaching out to his fellow teammates for assistance in completing his dress. He chose to quit an hour and a half before the task deadline. Before he did, he cut his partially made dress into tiny little pieces so his team couldn’t finish it and use the fabric for anything else. What a douche!!! Thankfully his team was able to a pull an amazing dress out of their collective asses and won the task anyway.

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Phew, that was tiring. Who do you think was the most annoying reality star of Fall 2010? Did I miss anyone out? I would’ve included Danielle Staub on the list, but luckily for her The Real Housewives of New Jersey didn’t air past Labor Day, thereby not qualifying for my Fall 2010 time frame.