There are a lot of annoying celebrities out there – each annoying for their own reasons. Whether we just get too much of them from all angles, or they pull ridiculous publicity stunts for attention, or they’re just famous for being famous. Regardless of how we may feel about them, they are celebrities and they likely won’t be hiding from the spotlight any time soon.

Parade magazine did a Pop Culture Poll with omg! on Yahoo!, looking for who their readers thought was the most annoying celebrity of 2011. I’ve included a poll below with the same candidates used in their poll. Select the one you have found to be the “Most Annoying Celebrity” this year and then read on to find out the outcome of Parada magazine’s poll.

Who do you feel is The Most Annoying Celebrity Of 2011?

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With 29% off the votes, Kim Kardashian was voted the most annoying celebrity. Following her in a close second was (in my opinion, far more annoying) Charlie Sheen with 27% of the votes. Jersey Shore’s Snooki came in third with 21% of the votes.

I can see why people think Kim K’s annoying, but I think Sheen, Trump, and Lohan are far more annoying than she is. Are you surprised by the outcome? Who do you think should have been included in the list but wasn’t?