You’ve undoubtedly heard of Brangelina, TomKat and Bennifer I’m sure. There’s a new pop culture portmanteau taking over the interwebz… Linsons. Meet Jeremy Lin and Chandler Parsons aka the most adorable bromance in the NBA.

The Houston Rockets teammates have blown up on the internet with their very public displays of affection. From their secret handshake to their longing stares, everything has been documented on tumblr pages and fan fiction sites. Even though they make NBA-sized salaries, Jeremy even stayed on Chandler’s couch because his furniture hadn’t arrived yet. Like he couldn’t afford a hotel.

I don’t like to speculate on people’s sexuality, but there’s something definitely going on besides being BFFs. Jason Collins paved the rainbow way in the NBA. All the cool kids are doing it 😉 If they aren’t dating, they really should. They are friggin’ adorable. I wonder how Lin’s previous BFF, former New York Knick teammate, Landry Fields, feels about losing out his buddy to Parsons 😉 Check out plenty of incriminating photos below.

If you think their chemistry off court is amazing, check it out during a game. This half-court alley-oop is amazing.

Their bromance is even more adorable when put together in a video montage set to a Jonas Bros. track.

What do you think of Linsons? Extremely close bromance or down low lovers? Sound off below.