Morgan Wilson wasn’t really anyone’s favorite on Top Chef: Just Desserts. Some may even call him one of the shows villains. Whether it was trouble making ways or overconfidence and arrogance in his abilities, Wilson just seemed to rub people the wrong way and in the end, came in second place at the show’s finale. Ah, but a twist.

Wilson has reportedly been indicted on three charges involving child pornography; possession with intent to promote child pornography which is a second-degree felony. Now, if you watched the show, despite Wilson being a grade A prick, he did speak very fondly of his young son. So, to imagine him partaking in this kind of behavior is a little bit shocking to say the least.

According to Dallas’ Pegasus News, the Bravo star was arrested shortly after the filming of the show after police received three photos transferred by Wilson, from his computer containing child pornography. In December of last year, he was booked for sending undercover investigators videos and photos of children and toddlers engaging in sexual acts. In September of this year, he admitted that he had viewed the images he sent and the images went into further investigation with the FBI.

Wilson was released shortly after his arrest on a $10,000 bail bond and the promise that he would not have access to a computer without monitoring software. Morgan Wilson is set to stand in front of a judge and face the charges on October 27th, according to the Dallas Pegasus. Before all of this took place, Wilson was an employee at the Ritz-Carlton in Dallas. However, his name has been taken off the employee list on the hotel’s website.