Moms Over Miami Debut ‘Crushing On Your Cousin Christmas’ Video

It’s snowing like crazy outside here in Vancouver (which doesn’t happen often), so it seems appropriate to toast to the “Christmassy” weather by enjoying a hilarious new Christmas-themed video from Ryan Steele and Amy Goodmurphy. This fearless & funny twosome have played various characters over the year, but this time they’re playing their much-loved “Moms Over Miami” characters.

Last year, they released a “Drunk Christmas” music video as the over-the-top gals with gunts, but in this year’s holiday special, Judy Campbell (Goodmurphy) reveals a dark secret to Susan Derulo (Steele)…that she has a crush on her cousin. That’s right, Susan caught Judy off guard by inviting Nicholas as a surprise, and now Judy is finding it impossible to hold herself back. In one verse she sings, “Crushing on your first cousin is weird and kinda sick, but all I really wanna do is suck on his fat d*ck.” LOL! Seriously, this video will make you laugh… and be sure to watch until the very end.

As a bonus, I’ve also included the “Drunk Christmas” music video from last year as well because it’s worth checking out if you haven’t… and re-watching if you have.

Moms Over Miami – ‘Crushing On Your Cousin Christmas’ Video

Moms Over Miami – ‘Drunk Christmas’ Video