Adam Fall TV Review: Mom

Following the recent tradition of film actors taking to the television set, two of our comedic faves: Anna Faris (House Bunny) and Allison Janey (Drop Dead Gorgeous) take up the role of moms in this latest comedy by the major writer/creator Chuck Lorre who brought America some of its all-time and current biggest hits including Mike & Molly, Two and a Half Men and the Big Bang Theory (having a brain, I’ve only really ever watched the latter on that list personally).

Okay, I’m done with the references: let’s focus on the show… it’s actually kind of funny. First off, it’s not for everyone. This isn’t Mike & Molly humour: there’s a ton of sex drugs and I’m assuming at some point some 90s flash backs to some rock and roll. Very much a SLIGHTLY more family oriented version of 2 Broke Girls as its leading ladies Allison and Anna play off their relationship as mother and daughter who both failed in their respective attempts to parent. Allison was a pill popping ho bag who never cared about Anna until she was grown with her own kids and Anna plays a recovering alcoholic looking to turn things around for her kids. Written out, it sounds a bit Dickensian i know, but there is a constant implant of banter and wit that even this struggling family makes you laugh.

Anna plays slightly along her typical under-IQ’d pretty blond typecasting and Allison hams it up as well as she did in Drop Deap and taps into her inner cougar as they find an interesting bond through their characters’ animosity. Their back and forth is some of the better material from the episode and keeps the otherwise somewhat typical sitcom running along.

The other actors are basically no-name except for the odd choice to include 3rd Rock From the Sun’s French Stewart as the- wait for it- gay chef. He’s a bit of a throw away except they make him really bitchy and quite slutty so for that reason I’ll allow him to stick around for now.

I’m unsure where the series intends to take the show: it very well could be just shot out of Anna’s work and home but I feel we’d get more of that quite quickly. For me, I need to see a stronger male character to stand up to these women and hear some more of Allison’s impossibly sordid tales from her younger years as she successfully attempts to have boys swoon over her.

So far, drama isn’t a huge portion of the show and I doubt that minus Sweeps Month it ever will be but for now I’m happy to watch the women tell each other what their annoying crystal meth or pounding of Jager addiction did to harm the other person. I say give it a few more episodes and check in then!