Earlier this week on Modern Family, Phil Dunphy (who is played by Ty Burrell) found himself in a very awkward predicament. I’ve been waiting to find the video of the scene online and I’ve finally succeeded.

In the episode, Phil meets a guy at the gym named Dave (played by Matthew Broderick) and because Phil is so oblivious, he doesn’t realize the guy was gay and into him when he invites him over for a “guys night”.

Dave is recently out of a relationship and is encouraged to go out by Cam, who obviously isn’t aware that the guy in question is Phil. With the Dunphys out for the night, the boys have the house to themselves. Dave isn’t sure about the signals he’s getting from Phil, but as the “date” progresses, Dave starts to think things are moving too fast. It’s an absolutely hilarious scene and the best part is when Phil realizes after the fact what kind of signals he had been sending out all along. Enjoy!

Ty Burrell & Matthew Broderick Kiss