Man Crush: Evan Wadle

Evan Wadle has been showing off his sexy sculpted body for years now on the internet. But for those readers who haven’t heard of (or more importantly seen) him yet, I thought pick him as my weekly crush. The 6’0″ hunk hails from Whitestation, New Jersey and works as an in-demand fitness model. Too bad the boys of “The Jersey Shore” didn’t look like this. Believe it or not, Wadle was only born in 1988. So not fair.

When you look like this, sometimes people forget your vital information, because they can’t focus on anything else besides the abs, chest, piercing eyes, arms, pouty lips, etc… Besides being incorrectly credited as Evan Wade, he’s often been mistaken hailing from Britain or working as a Equinox Gym trainer in New York City. During his career, he has posed for photographers like Randall Mesdon, Greg Vaughan and Akimitsu Sodoi. Wadle has been featured in DNA Magazine, Tetu, Genre, Bellomag, to name a few.

I’m a sucker for blond arm pit hair. TMI? Looks like the other guy is more interested in gawking at his stomach, rather than hitting it. I don’t blame him, just merely pointing it out.

This is my favorite picture of the bunch. There are far more revealing ones, but this one is sexy because it doesn’t show the entire farm. Though I’d love to plow his field.

He sorta looks like a better looking version of Ronnie from “The Jersey Shore”.

Anyone up for a game of shirts vs skins football game. Evan can tackle me anytime, as long as turnaround is fair play.

Turquoise blue Lascoste bikinis never looked so good. You can see traces of his blondish leg and butt hair. Tasty.

Is that a mirage I see in the desert? Nope it’s just a hot man oasis.

Is there any ounce of fat on this guy. Man, Evan is CUT.

I used to have thing for clean cut guys, but lately I’m all about the scruff.

I figured I wouldn’t objectify him too much and thought I’d include at least two pics of him with his shirt on. Don’t worry, these are the only two.

Think the front view is HOT? It is, but if you want to see a hot picture of his furry tight ass, click here to view it in all its glory.

Sometimes a hot body can’t distract from the face. So in closing, is Evan Wadle really hot, or is he just a butter face. You know… everything is good “but her face”. Personally, sculpted body or not, I’m a sucker for a dumb looking jock. So in other words. He’s FIIIIIIIIIIIIINE.

  • gay person

    gorgeous guy. i love the fuzz on his butt – yum!

  • Jeffrey Dean

    We completely concur, so worthy of the Man Crush Section!

  • Paolo

    Soooo hot! He looks a bit like Grigor Dimitrov, a young up-and-coming tennis player, too.

  • Darren

    He’s not just hot, he’s friggin’ INCREDIBLE.
    OK mind you, when it comes to perfect looking guys like that, a hairy ass like that doesn’t exactly “match” to me.
    I just imagine rimming a hot jock with a smooth ass before they slam me.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’d still take him and let him rape me ’til I’m a quivering mess, but if they’re actual male-models, they need to “complete the image” as it were.
    That’s just my point of view at least.
    Still overall, he’s damned perfect!!!

  • palanikumar

    The man chest very nice

  • matthew
  • jalabyi8

    very like sexy model i hope sexy model

  • jalabyi8

    u need i am ready