Model Behavior: Mark Vanderloo

Hope you’ve been enjoying my European edition of my Model Behavior feature. As my month-long vacay is coming down to a close, I wanted to end my series with a male model that is the gold standard of the fashion industry. The fact my last stop is Amsterdam and this hottie is Dutch is kismet. Meet my favorite male model of all-time and a true supermodel by every definition.

Mark Vanderloo ruled the fashion industry during the 1990s. He scored every major ad campaign possible. Clients from Calvin Klein, Guess?, Versace, Hermes, Hugo Boss, DKNY and many more wanted a piece of him. Not to mention his huge fan following (including me) who were mesmerized by his stunning good looks. Even his female colleagues were entranced by him. He dated model Carolyn Murphy and married Esther Canadas. Not bad for a guy tending bar for $200 a night in Holland before signing to Wilhelmina Agency.

Vanderloo was such a phenomenon that he won VH1’s Fashion Awards’ Male Model of the Year honors. His influence extended beyond the fashion industry and even hit Hollywood. He was one half of the inspiration for Ben Stiller’s movie, “Zoolander“. The title character’s name, Derek Zoolander, was based on a portmanteau of Mark Vanderloo and Johnny Zander’s names.

These days Mark is still working in the industry and proving his looks transcends the limitations of the industry wide youth obsession. has ranked him #1 of all time on their Icons’ list. I thought featuring a more distinguished male model would be a nice change of pace for my Model Behavior series. Check out new and vintage images of Mark below.

Mark Vanderloo Model Stats

Height: 6’2″
Waist: 32
Shoe: 10
Hair: dark blonde
Eyes: blue

Such full lips and that nose is absolute perfection.

You can see exactly why he ruled the fashion industry in the 90s

So young and fresh-faced

Certainly looks like the distinguished silver fox, doesn’t he?

A couple of cool recent shots of Vanderloo.

He looks a little weathered here but still very handsome.

I had this Guess? poster plastered on my bedroom wall during my college years.

My favorite female supermodel of all time with my favorite male supermodel? Perfection. Imagine what their kids would look like if they actually dated.

DKNY pimped out Vanderloo for many years.

Pictured here with ex-wife Spanish model Esther Canadas.

Looking very Brad Pitt circa Mr. & Mrs. Smith era.

Just in case he ever forgets his name, he can simply look at his left pec.

These days he’s pushing mass-produced H&M clothing.

Such a timeless handsome man.

  • Skipper

    One of my favourite models. He was also the inspiration for a character’s look in a video game:

  • Liam Pope

    Why are male models so ugly these days, if Mark Vanderloo was paid to punch there faces with extreme force he’d most likely make them look as good as him.

  • Imtotallyadude

    He seriously has is own name tattooed on his chest?