MNEK Samples Classic ’90s Track For New Bop ‘Paradise’ (Music Video)

Love, love, love Ultra Nate’s smash “Free.” Clearly, I’m not alone. MNEK samples the iconic guitar riff from the classic 1997 soul-disco house number for his sensational track, “Paradise.” I’m absolutely obsessed.

The accompanying visual is equally fantastic. The 22-year-old British musician explains the concept of the clip in the following statement below.

“The concept of the video is a very beautiful man by the name of Dennis walking this alternate universe a.k.a. Paradise, and it, in its own way, just shows how beautiful things can be, how dark things can be — but how we get to a happy place in the end. I think police brutality is something that shouldn’t be a thing. Police are supposed to protect us, and in the majority of cases they do, but unfortunately sometimes they abuse their power. It’s a shame it’s the world we live in, and it was important to show that in the video.”

Check out the “Paradise” music video below, along with Ultra Nate’s original.

MNEK ‘Paradise’ Music Video

Ultra Nate ‘Free’ Music Video